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Freeview channels

Since it was established Freeview has become New Zealand's free-to-air digital television and radio service. The channels you can receive via Freeview are:

TV 2
TV 3
Maori Television
Parliament TV
Te Reo
Chinese TV8
Shine TV
Radio NZ - National
Radio NZ - Concert
George FM
Base FM

What do you need to get Freeview?

Like all satellite TV solutions Freeview requires the following equipment.

  • A Satellite Dish and Mount or UHF aerial
  • Compatible cable
  • Digital satellite receiver

  • decoder (11K)
    All of these components will be supplied at the time of install.

    What is Digital TV?

    Digital TV is the latest change to the way our television signals are broadcast.
    If you have poor TV reception and don't wish to have Sky then Freeview is the ideal replacement as there is no monthly fee for the service.

    Freeview state the following Benefits of Digital TV:

  • Crisp, clear DVD quality pictures and sound delivered in a widescreen format
  • Improved reception, particularly in locations where it is difficult to get an analogue signal
  • More channels, many of which are not available on analogue television
  • Interactive features like the Freeview 8-day onscreen listings guide that lets you preview and browse the listings for the next 8-days.

  • What will it cost?

    dish (137K) The satellite dish will cost $ 150 - $ 350 depending on your installation requirement.
    Digital decoders cost from as little as $ 220 up to the high end receivers which are priced over $ 500.

    While Decoders can only be used to display on one TV additional decoders can be supplied if viewing is required in several locations.

    Contact us to discus your options and you may be surprised how reasonable the one-off charge for installation can be.

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